Where have I been?

What the hell have I been up to?

I hope you have some time to read the goings-on in my life. I am still dedicated to making this website a thing. I’ve just been busy as hell.

I changed jobs. I graduated from the Helpdesk and became a programmer at a different workplace. I went from neckbeard wannabe to true Nerdiness.  The things that helped me to land the programmer position; this blog, maintaining this website, my college degree and computer science credits. In the interview I mentioned that I also tinker around with Raspberry Pi’s and that closed the deal. I started my new job last July 2023.

In June of 2023 my dad, non famous artist, “Starvin’ Marvin,” Marvin Elving, passed away at 82. I’m going to bare my soul here a little bit and say I had a difficult relationship with my father. We all had very traumatic and abusive childhoods because of that man. May he rest in peace. I have accepted that I am a product of severe childhood trauma caused in part by this man. I am dedicated to stopping that cycle.


My dad was an artist and I got my artistic abilities partly from him so I will be featuring some of his art here on this website. He is pictured here with a sketch.  He always had a red beret and his sketch pad.  I try to focus on the positive memories now. I also find his art all over my house in boxes I haven’t unpacked for years.

Marvin had been in declining health for over a year. In a span of a few weeks he went from a talking, walking man to a corpse. I still miss my dad, functional relationship or not. Give your parents a hug.

In classic Marvin style, he left no money for his own funeral expenses so I had to pay half of his cremation. Anyway, it was a toxic, stressful time for me. Rest in peace old man.

I got married! My husband is a very good partner. He is a wonderful and supportive man who has legendary patience. He is a good stepfather to my children. He is a great person overall and I don’t think I could have found a person like him in a million years, so the stars did truly align when we met.

I also started and am about to complete my Master of Business Administration. Yes. I’ve been super-duper busy.  I’m also signed up for the AFN craft fair.  More on that later.

I will have time to devote to this website when I finish my MBA. I have SO many ideas for indigenous art. I have been keeping a notebook of ideas. Stay in tune for sporadic updates. -faith

Starvin' Marvin