I was so excited when I discovered Docker!

In theory, I was going to run my documentation setup in this Docker container.  I was going to have it running in a container and I would be so COOL, so NEAT. I am wondering what other delusional thoughts I was thinking at the time.  Not LOL.

This whole thing came about when I was researching an open source documentation solution that I could install and maintain for funsies.  Well that didn’t work out. I got frustrated because I could not seem to do anything meaningful with Docker containers even though Docker desktop said they were running.  I made numerous containers and was able to delete them, start them, stop them in command line.  Yay me!

Maybe I wasn’t supposed to be running the containers on my local machine.  I have no idea.  It was very neat learning about Docker and the seemingly endless possibilities of containers.

I did get Docker running on my old junker Mac and on my Windows machine.  By running I mean I was able to install it, get a container going.  I was even able to install portainer and get an instance of wordpress running.  I was never able to figure out much more than that.  Then it turned into a new year and I found a new thing to play with, and that was this website.

I ran into issues because Docker containers run in a weird file structure.  I could never find the spot on the file directory where I could store my .yaml files to spin up a container.  When I figured out how to spin up a container from a .yaml I could not figure out where to change the admin password.  Aaaargh!  I did learn how to run docker commands through command line.  I was also able to figure out that I just need to give up on Docker and run it in some other way on a different operating system – perhaps on a raspberry pi.

More on that later.  I do think Docker has a lot of potential