I am not advertising for Divi or the Divi builder here. I did use Divi to build this website.

Divi isn’t that difficult. Even I can figure it out. There is plenty of information out there on the web on how to use Divi. so I will not go into detail here There are also some spectacular sales out there in Divi land so I purchased a lifetime Divi subscription.

Note: I can’t figure out why this image shows twice. Saving that for another rabbit hole another day.

Divi connects to your WordPress admin panel. My host provider had Divi preinstalled so it was easy to migrate over from the Old Provider we Will Not Name. (ahem, rhymes with clue and ends with Host).

When I started with this website it looked worse than it does now. I am using this website as a learning experience so please be patient as I make changes and edits. Some Divi purists will create a child theme but I have not as I like to live on the wild side.

I created my theme to be generic and in grey tones because blogs can be repetitive. So this is just another repetitive webpage.

I discovered Divi when I was working on a community website as a volunteer. The web developer had used the platform to create a stunning website that makes this website look like a kindergartener made it. I will ask permission and post that site later. I can insert custom CSS if I so choose. I can also create custom pages and post pages that are easier to manipulate than the standard pages in the Gutenberg editor. Which I am actually using Gutenberg to create this post. Ha!

This post was built with Divi!