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Waqaa means Welcome in Y’upik.

If you arrived at this page, welcome! Stay awhile. Click some links. Take a seat and read some posts. Posts are organized down below or available at the dropdown up above. Please browse around – there are Y’upik words thrown in here and there.  Assipiaq – very good.


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This is the personal website of Faith Elving. 

Quakaq (Faith) Elving

Quakaq (Faith) Elving

I like technology

I am Quakaq.  Quakaq is my Eskimo name.  I am an indigenous Alaskan. 

I like technology and music and indigenous art.  And foraging.  Look!  Squirrel!  

I don’t really care about SEO right now as I have a full plate so check back periodically maybe I will get it together and make this page really pretty, maybe I will not.  

This is a webpage about technology that I find interesting and find a use for, cultural things that I like to participate in and learn about, and creative ways that I like to express myself.  This webpage will illustrate my pursuits in those three areas.  It will also provide insights into my heritage as an indigenous person.  Any Y’upik words used will have a brief pronunciation if known, and a link to a definition provided by the Y’upik Eskimo dictionary (link soon to come).

I am half Y’upik, with ties to the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region of Alaska, specifically Mountain Village.  If you like what you see, please come back!  I might even add legit contact info soon.  Happy Readings.


Update 03/28/2024

Where have I been? What the hell have I been up to? I hope you have some time to read the goings-on in my life. I am still dedicated to making this website a thing. I've just been busy as hell. I changed jobs. I graduated from the Helpdesk and became a programmer at a...

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I play the oboe.  Music is my friend.  I attribute music to therapy – if I am at a rehearsal for any given musical thing it is like two hours of mindlessness and joy.  When playing, music is essentially just concentrate on making a decent sound and playing in tune and...

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I would like to start off this webpage with something that gives me great joy.  Wild mushrooms.  I have been foraging for wild edibles since I was a teenager.  Every spring, summer and fall I will go out as much as I can to pick whatever is growing at that particular...

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Oh this particular little addiction can cost you in valuable time and money.  Beadwork has long been a love of mine. I just only have so much time in the day.  I have taught beading classes.  I have sold beadwork at craft fairs all over Southcentral Alaska – the...

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Divi – for idiots

I am not advertising for Divi or the Divi builder here. I did use Divi to build this website. Divi isn't that difficult. Even I can figure it out. There is plenty of information out there on the web on how to use Divi. so I will not go into detail here There are also...

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Docker I was so excited when I discovered Docker! In theory, I was going to run my documentation setup in this Docker container.  I was going to have it running in a container and I would be so COOL, so NEAT. I am wondering what other delusional thoughts I was...

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